Ink on Cardboard

100x700 cm

The Survivors (Remnants)


According to a historical account, when a group of monkeys abandoned their troops, the older troop members resorted to a bloodyfight against them. This fight revealed a concern for unity and integrity within a group of beings whom we consider as lacking full intelligence and understanding!


Yet, confident as we are in our flawless intellectual superiority over all other sentient beings, we are, in fact, the only one of them that is constantly busy making various social, political, and geographical boundaries, craving supremacy over our fellow beings by perusing only our own interests. This is all we proudly fight for. We even take pains to document the course of these so called achievements for the future. 


At the end of the day, though, such evidences and traces of our civilization is probably going to be received by none other than those troop of monkeys who will find the account of our collective self-destruction utterly meaningless. This is the legacy we leave for the monkeys’ infants as a toy to be torn apart; a book of wisdom whose destructive force might overwhelm these animals with wonder and terror; a crown and a staff to be trifled in the name of creed and sanctity; a series of pictures, paintings, and images recounting the tale of victories and defeats or of right and wrong past incidents that will be forsaken and disparaged by those united tribes of monkeys.