Ink on Cardboard

41x29 cm




Siegfried was a legendary hero who achieved invulnerability as a result of bathing in the blood of dragon he had slain. While he was bathing, though, a leaf fell on Siegfried’s back, leaving him with a vulnerable spot which finally doomed him to his death.

As time unfolds, the vulnerable spots of individuals and communities increase. These include

a person’s opinions and beliefs, their private life, worldly concerns,rumors, preoccupations,

violence, destruction, etc. Such vulnerabilities must be experienced for them to be fully appreciated. It seems no one is and wants to become aware of their weakness, seeking the faults of others instead. Inevitably then, each person suffers vi

cariously through others’ vulnerabilities so that they could perhaps learn how to dodge the pain. Yet, this course can take different and even reverse turns depending on changes of circumstances for people and societies