Ink on Carboard

100 x 70 cm


Faust recounts the legend of the eponymous protagonist who trade

s his soul for the realization ofhis demands in a pact with the Devil. Each time a wish comes true, Faust is left unsatisfied andturns to the Devil with greater demands. “Ah, linger on, thou art so fair,” pleads Faust with the Devil eventually.

The theme has been adapted repeatedly under various titles and the hero is always going for greater bargains with the Devil.


The terms“Faust” and “Faustian”

refer to an occasion where an ambitious person give up t

heirmorals in exchange for attaining knowledge and power. Humanity is

increasingly showing Faustian characteristics. Left with a sense of inadequacy at the fulfillment of each demand, they keep pursuing their desires without further consideration for the good of others. Yet, sufficient awareness and understanding of the consequences remain lacking and they constantly insist on achieving what they want with no thought of meeting possible defeats and injuries they might undergo.