History and its real or fictional (including myths, legends, stories and the like) accounts reoccur; both in the smaller scale of personal experiences, and the larger scale of public selections and vast choices in a larger society. The most significant issue that can be observed in these repeats is the forgetfulness of humans. It seems as if man’s forgetting of past events and repeating them

(with new forms and appearances) is self-induced.

A notable issue is that many myths and legends comply with reality. It is as if they realize in a believable way, and occur with new appearances in human history. They are compared to history, become similar to it, and eventually, they turn into accounts that will be added to the self-made archives of history and become new experiences added to the experiences of the past. The difference is that the more they are repeated, the less attention is allocated to their resulting experiences, and the re-understanding of how they occur is made more complicated.

“A Detailed Account 2” includes accounts of these similarities, differences, or the conscious repeating of public experiences in the real or fictional past. Although these experiences may have led to pains or fears, we nevertheless, purposefully or not, we give way to this sometimes sarcastic repetition, or repeatedly cause them.

 Amin Montazeri