History and its real or fictional (including myths, legends, stories and the like) accounts reoccur; both in the smaller scale of personal experiences, and the larger scale of public selections and vast choices in a larger society. The most significant issue that can be observed in these repeats is the forgetfulness of humans. It seems as if man’s forgetting of past events and repeating them (with new forms and appearances) is self-induced...



Amin Montazeri (b. 1992, Tehran, Iran) is a MFA candidate in painting. Through elaborate paintings and drawings, Amin Montazeri presents detailed contemporary readings of myths and legends. His works do not focus on merely retelling the stories, but aim to show the perpetual situation of repeated events in human history, through a convoluted and conceited style of storytelling. His allegorical approach and his sarcastic tone is an attribute of the development process of his themes, which involve human memory and social consciousness. Amin’s delicate technique draws inspiration from Persian Miniature painting as well as Western traditions, creating a detailed scene to express various aspects of the artist’s narrative. Amin’s work has been featured in two solo exhibitions at Dastan’s Basement, and a solo presentation by Dastan at START Art Fair 2016 in London, UK.



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